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Having firmly established itself within Honorable Third Party, TDR is succeeding at bringing content and interesting activities for its members.

With the return to the carefree style of Black Ops and roaming Heavy Assault Cruisers / Recons, TDR is on the rise once more.

Hitting the Providence/Catch regions with Black Ops have netted many a moment with interesting happenings for TDR and HTP.

Growing in numbers and strength, our new alliance is capable of taking on larger and larger entities and TDR plan to be there as one of the supporting Corporations.

TDR Corp has now a limited open recruitment drive, please see our Recruitment section.

TDR left Triumvirate after it became only too apparent the Sovereignity was not for TDR, like it always has been to be perfectly honest.

Having had some good times in TRI, TRI suffered some destabilization with major Corps leaving, and TDR wasn't held in high regards by the remaining ones anyhow.

Finding likeminded pilots in the Alliance "Honorable Third Party" TDR has entered service with complete focus on Black Ops and Advanced Cruisers.

From the start it has proven to be a smash success and the Corporation will now be focusing on recruiting people interested in Black Ops and Tech 2 Cruiser piloting styles, preferably both.

TDR Recruitment is open, please find us at channel TDR Recruitment or contact one of our Directors.

15 Aug 2015 - Forward!

With firm representation from TDR, Triumvirate are going forward in the Alliance Tournaments day one.

Our very own Ushra'Khan Veteran Thrasher89 was chosen for day one of the AT tourney preliminaries, and TRI smoked the field, losing no one to the enemy team.

For the TDR Corporation this means a great deal, showing that we can deliver quality pilots to the most demanding of entities.

TDR Corp, the quality amongst you.

Recruitment is open, seek us out if you have what it takes.

With the CEO absent all the time one should think that TDR might wither up and die, but this is not the case.

Sure, we've lost some that couldn't stomach a "downside" between the upsides but they were expendable, as always.

Should those wish to return though, remember the saying "Once TDR, always TDR"

Thanks to the valiant actions of TDR's finest, our beloved Corporation is going to survive yet another "Summer Mode" where zero fucks are given.

TDR Corp will shortly see the return of clear motives, brave goals and a future to work for to fill yet another Winter of action!

Having refocused TDR's financial situation, the Corporation find itself able to offer many a new program for its pilots.

The latest being that TDR Corp is now going to start keeping stock of Interdictor and Logistic class ships for its hired pilots to utilize in main fleet operations.

With this move, TDR hopes for increased participation during strategic operations as well as attract new recruits to the Corporation.
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