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15 Times Famous Actors Were Rejected By Other Celebrities

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Celebs Who Rejected Other Celebs And WHY!

Ugh! Is there anything worse than dealing with a heart-crushing rejection? All we have to do is think back to our teenage years to recall that awkward time we asked out crush on a date, but got rejected. Sadly, that’s the typical life of a teenager. And teens aren’t the only ones who get rejected by their crush. As it turns out, being talented and super gorgeous doesn’t always win a crush over. This explains why these beautiful celebrities have been rejected left and right by Hollywood’s elite. And it’s pretty tough watching a cold rejection happen when a star is in the public eye. But it’s nice to know that famous folks get rejected, too. Are you shocked celebs were rejected by other celebs? Tell us your thoughts in the comment section and then click on the subscribe button for more videos from TheTalko.

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