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The Best TV Seasons Of All Time

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Do you think it’s possible to determine the best TV seasons of all time? We’re certainly going to try! Television had its golden age for sure, but we are in a really good spot of late with some amazing programs, and some of them are simply perfect. We’re talking recent shows like Breaking Bad, for example. Breaking Bad Season 5 - the last season of Breaking Bad - saw everything come together for Walter White. The episode Ozymandias in particular stands out for its perfect storytelling and mood. Will we ever see a Breaking Bad season 6? Probably not, but Walter White certainly went out with a bang.

Jessica Jones season 1 stands above - or right above - all other Marvel Netflix shows. The conflicted hero that doesn’t want to be one - played by Krysten Ritter - not only has to battle her own personal demons and the bottle, but also the mind-controlling Kilgrave. Jessica Jones season 2 is great, but season 1 really weaves a tale that is complex yet rewarding for both her character and the viewer.

Not everything has to be dark and gritty to be great, however. Parks and Recreation proved that a show could be witty, hilarious, and brilliant all at the same time. Parks and Rec season 4 hit everything perfectly. It’s no surprise that season 4 featured Paul Rudd as Bobby Newport, dropping in funny scenes every time we saw him. Parks and Rec was a great show, but season 4 stands out among all others as the best season they put together.

Breaking Bad season 5 | 0:11
Lost season 1 | 1:09
Parks and Recreation season 4 | 1:54
Jessica Jones season 1 | 2:51
Justified season 2 | 3:31
Bloodline season 1 | 4:34
New Girl season 4 | 5:05
Game of Thrones season 6 | 5:52
True Detective season 1 | 6:31
Westworld season 1 | 7:44
The Sopranos season 2 | 8:33
The Wire season 4 | 9:18


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