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Naulakha | Episode 23 | TV One Drama

Upload : 8 Jan 2019
Channel  : TV One
Duration : 40.00
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Naulakha Episode 23 TV One Drama 8 January 2019

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Starring: Bushra Ansari, Sarwat Gilani, Behroze Sabzwari, Mirza Zain Baig, Kiran Haque,Syed Arjumand Azhar, Gul-e-Rana, Sana Askari,Fahad Mirza,Haris Waheed,Sanam Agha,

Screen Play By : Umera Ahmed
Director : Shehrazade Sheikh
Writers : Sana Shabbir Sandhu , Reema Ali Syed
Producers : Abdullah Kadwani & Asad Qureshi

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In Review #Naulakha: Shafaq Vs Tehreem; Friendship for benefit met an end!

Real BFF –
How many of you think that Real Best Friends Exists, I mean friends forever like term has now been declared cliche, and we know how uncool can BFF’s be, however, when we see our kind BFF version i.e Tehreem #SarwatGilan and Shafaq in Naulakha, everything looks superficial and made us question the existence of a real best friend.

Who are BFF’s? I think the ones who got the telephone when I lost everything and frantically got a handle on for regularity. I don’t consider anybody my BFF except if they meet these criterias. that never existed.

Since Zain Ali started to connect with Tehreem, #SarwatGilan Shafaq is getting insecure, even when she gave birth to Nael, shafaq doubts Tehreem's evil eye.

Tehreem #SarwatGilan and her collegue are getting closer with each passing episode, thinking when the just friends attitude going to end, moreover, Zain Ali hates Tehreem's idea to work for living, as he had already gave her the house, that house which created all the fuss! Even Noor Jahan thinks she faught for scrap, since Shafaq #KiranHaque won't be getting her share in the property why she even tried to grab money from Anwar Ali, so Noor Jahan might review her idea for battling Tehreem's property.

Moreover, Rohail and Qurat are joining hands with Haveli people, even Tehreem's mother hated the fact that they ruined Tehreem's life, and now Rohail making ways with Noor Jahan and Akbar Ali. Ever since Tehreem adopted Qurat's child, the troubles circled her way, and now she has nothing to prey! Not even Zain Ali, also her own mother is finding ways to get her hitched again, so Rohail and Qurat doesn't seperate their space. Overall #Naulakha has become an emotional roller coaster, filled with tons of emotional mess, how will things get better at Tehreem's end we surely need to sit back and wait for some positive shifts in the story, till then we have to bear with Shafaq's #KiranHaque insecurities and Zain Ali's confusion!

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