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Top 10 Weird Netflix Movies | Weirdest Movies on Netflix Right Now | Flick Connection

Upload : 6 Feb 2019
Channel  : Flick Connection
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--- Top 10 Weird Netflix Movies ---

10. Brick
9. Apostle
8. The Last Dragon
7. Her
6. Eternal Sunshine
5. Velvet Buzzsaw
4. Cam
3. The Bad Batch
2. The Lobster (The Favourite/Podcast Plug)
1. Enemy

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I love weird movies on Netflix but these are some really weird movies worth watching on Netflix right now. For me, the key to weird is that the weirdness needs to serve the story and the movie needs to be entertaining. If those boxes are checked, we're in business! These are not only some of the weirdest movies on Netflix right now, I consider them to be among the best movies on Netflix right now... including 3 Netflix original movies. Stay tuned to Flick Connection for updates on Good Netflix movies and of course more weird Netflix movies in the future.

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