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The Paige & Jake story from Famous in Love

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I'm not sure if anyone cares about Jake and Paige but I still wanted to create their story since they were a big part of the first two seasons. But their relationship was very toxic in season 2 and I am happy they are broken up so now Paige and Rainer can be together next season. I broke this up to 12 chapters:

1) Stay (Album Version) - Rihanna
2) Kyler England- When The World Stops Spinning
3) Set Fire to the Rain - Andrew Muccitelli
4) Battlefield - Lea Michele
5) Beneath Your Beautiful - Alex G, Sam Tsui, KHS
6) Apologize (OneRepublic Album Version) - Timbaland
7) Please Don't Leave Quite Yet - Adam Agin
8) Unconditionally- Katy Perry (cover) Megan Nicole and Jason Chen
9) Adele - Turning Tables (Cover by Eli Lieb)
10) tragedy - christina perri
11) She Wolf (Falling to Pieces) - Madilyn Bailey
12) Emily Hearn - Volcano Lyrics


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