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When You Think You Are Fast And This Happens... Part 5

Upload : 6 Des 2018
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When You Think You Are Fast And This Happens... Part 5

Part 5 of the When You Think You Are Fast And This Happens mini series, I decided to make a 10 minute special this time! Enjoy!


"Tesla P85D gets Smoked by a 2014 1500HP Cobra."

"Pure street Racing Nissan GTR Skyline R32 650bhp vs Chevelle 550bhp"

"Tesla Vs Supra"

"Ferrari F430 F1 vs Evo IX 430whp dig & roll race"

"Civic EK K24 Turbo vs GTR R35 exhaust"

"650whp Mustang GT vs Lamborghini Aventador"

"Lamborghini Aventador vs 800+ HP Toyota Supra"

"Subaru passes Corvette at 160mph while Street Racing"

"Turbo Supra vs Mustang Cobra"

"Nissan GTR vs Yamaha R1 vs GSXR 1000"

"Lamborghini Huracan vs Mercedes E63 AMG S Renntech"

"Golf R vs Ferrari 458"

"Tesla P100D Ludicrous gets smoked by 900 Horsepower Hellcat (Hellcat ran 10.3)"

"Twin Turbo Supra Loses to Fiesta ST"

"Ferrari 458 vs toyota supra"

"Honda Civic VTi EG9 B18 Turbo VS Ferrari 550 Maranello"

"EVO insane Acceleration"

"Golf Turbo vs. Motorcycle Like a Boss"

"1500 Horsepower GT500 Blows Motor vs Tesla P85D!!!"

"BMW M5 F90 vs Ferrari 458 Speciale"

"Roll Race: 700rwhp Single Turbo Supra vs Stock McLaren 12C Spider"

"fly by, Isle of Man"

"Lamborghini Huracán vs Tuned Golf 2 and VW Scirocco Mk2 vs RS6"

"Cocky GTR owner waves while getting gapped by an Evo"

"700hp Ford GT vs 600hp Supra Turbo"

"Twin Turbo 370z NISMO (600hp) vs GTR (550 hp)"

"Nissan GTR crazy acceleration"

"Audi RS6 vs. Bike 300 km/h + auf Autobahn"

"You think you're fast until"

"R35 Skyline GT-R vs 67mm Supra in Mexico"



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